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Microsoft has just launched the new Xbox site redesign which is in essence, a beautiful extension on what they are trying to do across all of their sites. The new site however, has left out one important thing that us Windows Phone users notice almost admittedly. The ”Games” Tab which breaks all Xbox content across platforms, is now without the “Windows Phone” tab that has always been prevalent on the site. Take a look below:

The real question left to ponder is what thee heck is really going on with the Xbox branding on Windows Phone? They didn’t add a “Windows Phone” link, yet the ”Web” link is still present? Not only are less and less games coming out as of recent, but it seems like Microsoft is forgetting that, that piece of the Windows Phone even exist..So, what are your thoughts? Are we being overly dramatic or do we have a legit argument in saying that Microsoft could and should do more with Windows Phone? Your thoughts below

Source: Xbox.com

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