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Windows Phone 7 just like iPhone can be unlocked and install cracked XAP files for free, you can download them from our Windows Phone Download Center .

But before the excited XAP files install, there are some basic and very important work must be done.

First Step: Unlock Your Windows Phone.

Note: This is a unlock method based on ChevronWP7 only works on WP7 firmware 7004 and 7008;

If your device firmware is higher than 7004 or 7008 and still not unlocked, you need roll back to 7004 or 7008 to unlock follow this guide, however if you are Samsung Mango(7712 or higher) users, you are lucky ones, you guys just can unlock your WP7 devices on Mango, the guide you can find on below: 

Check your device OS Version:

Setting - About - more info- then you can see the OS Version number!

1. For 7004 or 7008 Windows Phone Users [Samsung users can igore this]:

Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh have released the Windows Phone 7 jailbreak/Unlock tool ChevronWP7. Here is an easy guide to jailbreak your new Windows Phone 7 handset.

Step 1: Install the latest version of Zune desktop software for Windows.

Click here to Download latest Zune


Step 2: Download and install the latest version of Windows Phone SDK, or you can download the registery key from the following link and run it with administrative rights. Click here to download the registry key.

Step 3: Now connect your WP7 phone with your PC via USB.

Step 4: Run the Zune application on your PC and sync your Windows Phone 7 phone. Make sure the phone has a “full sync”access, and not “guest” relationship with the Zune software.

Step 5: Run the ChevronWp7 jailbreak tool. Click here to download ChevronWp7 jailbreak tool for WP7.


Step 6: Check “Ensure your phone isn’t PIN-locked” and “Install certificate on phone using Internet Explorer at http://chevronwp7.com/cert” options, and then click on the “Unlock” button.

Unlock is Done.


How to Developer-unlock(jailbreak) your Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices on mango for free:

why would you want a developer-unlocked device? What does it mean? What are the benefits?

Essentially, a developer-unlocked device allows you to sideload apps on your WP7 device. Sideloading is the process of installing wp7 applications directly on your device without having to go through the standard WP7 Marketplace. Similar, to the commonly used term “jailbreaking” – except it’s meant for developers to legally test their apps on their device.

All developers (who are not students), pay $99 a year to purchase a developer membership with Microsoft/WP7, allowing them to developer-unlock their phones and build/test their apps. Fortunately, Microsoft loves students, and even more so developers (developers developers!). As a result, all students get a free WP7 developer account and the ability to developer-unlock their phones (with a little work). So now that you’re drolling with excitement (I hope!) and curious to know how to unlock it for free, here are the steps:

1.Sign up for a free DreamSpark account at: http://dreamspark.com (or simply login with your current Windows Live account)

2.Verify your DreamSpark account with your school. Should work for US/Canada universities for sure – no clue about rest of the world. (Update: confirmed in Germany too)

3.Download & install the latest WP7 Dev tools from: https://www.dreamspark.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductId=28

4.Create an AppHub account (make sure you sign up as a STUDENT): https://users.create.msdn.com/Register/

5.Click Start.

6.Point to All Programs, and then click Windows Phone Developer Tools.

7.Windows Phone Developer Registration

8.Input the Student AppHub account you got to register.

9.Download 2 xap files to unlock[unlock needed]:







10.Click Application Deployment to install "Interop Unlock.xap" and "SamsungTools.xap"

11.Run Interop Unlock on your Samsung Phone

12. Dial ##634# from your phone to open diagnostic menu.

13. Dial *#9908# to setting gprs, Choose ALLINONE and save->close

Done Unlock it.


Now You have complete the unlock work, cracked XAP files are waiting for you. So you need to know how to install XAP files on your Windows Phone 7:

Normal Users (Non-Developers)How to install XAP files:

There are many ways to install XAP files

First One:Offical Windows Phone 7 SDK "Application Deployment"

To complete this procedure, you must have the following:


The Zune client software must be installed on the host computer.

Install Windows Phnone 7 SDK

Connect your phone to the computer

To use the Application Deployment tool.

1.Zune starts automatically. If Zune does not start, then start it manually.

2.Verify that the Zune software recognizes the connected device.

3.Click Start.

4.Point to All Programs, and then click Windows Phone Developer Tools.

5.Click Application Deployment.

6.The application deployment tool starts, as shown below.

Note: You can also run the tool from the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.1\Tools\XAP Deployment\XapDeploy.exe.

 Update Your Windows Phone to Mango[Not-Must, But Badly Recommended]

7.In the Target drop-down box, select either Windows Phone Emulator or Windows Phone Device as the target for the XAP file.

8.Click Browse and locate the XAP file that you want deploy.

9.Click the Deploy button.

10.The process may take for a long time. If the deployment is successful, the Status field displays XAP Deployment Complete.

Second one is more easier: Phone7Market 

Phone7Market (previously Windows Phone 7 Marketplace) for Windows PC is an application suite. There is one application to search the Marketplace application catalog, other can download the xap packages and the last one can deploy any application to a WP7 device or emulator. Intended only for testing free apps and your own apps.

Same Requirements as the first way:

The Zune client software must be installed on the host computer.

Install Windows Phnone 7 SDK

Connect your phone to the computer

The best xap installer so far

Phone7Market for Windows PC v2.0 Alpha B2:


When you install the setup file, remember to tick "Associate .xap packages"

Then you just need double click XAP file then you can install XAP file. Very simple:


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