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Dark Lands Dark Lands
"Dark Lands is an impressive game and an entertaining, addictive one for your Windows Phone."

Now available for Windows Phone is Dark Lands incredible title that is an addictive mix between an epic runner fantasy and combat platform. The game looks and plays amazing and right now it can be all yours for the super low price of FREE. That’s right its FREE FOR LIMITED TIME! Check it out


Run through enemies and dangerous traps! Dark Lands is epic battle runner action game. Develop your hero to survive this infinity battle run as long as possible!

Dark Lands is addictive mixture of infinity runner fantasy horror game with dynamic combat system. Take your hero to epic journey of beating evil forces, who corrupted the land. Beat enemies as goblins, orcs, skeletons or monstrous trolls and ogres! Fight unique bosses as fierce Goblin Carriage or deadly Evil Eye! Avoid dangerous traps and treacherous corrupted land! Show other players that you are the best warrior of them all!

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