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Microsoft has released a trailer for their new exclusive game for Windows 8 tablets and PCs’

The auto-running shooter developed by Other Ocean has a story mode and 3 endless runnier stages and will be free to play and funded by in-app purchases.

The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running is a significant departure from the original game. For one thing, it's not a Kinect game for Xbox, but rather a Windows 8 game for PCs and tablets. For another, development is taking place not in Austin, but up north in Canada at Other Ocean Interactive.

Most significantly, Dead Man Running is now an auto-running game with shooting challenges, in both a Story Mode and three "endless runner" stages. It's free-to-play, with customization items available through in-game currency and unspecified content available through in-app purchases.

Dead Man Running will begin its marathon across Windows 8 devices in November.

The game is expected to arrive soon.

Via playxbla.com and joystiq.com

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