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We know that Motorola realized its second prosperity just by Droid phones and then became one of the biggest android makers. However, Motorola didn’t continue its glory independently and Google announced that they bought Motorola successfully on Feb 14 this year. Supposed that Nokia can stand up by Lumia phones with windows phone os, Will Nokia follow Motorola’s way?

Although Lumia 920 now is absolutely one of the hottest phones on the market, Nokia is on the way to transition. It’s hard to say whether Nokia can succeed finally. Furthermore, market value of Nokia is just about 12 billion, and the fact is that Nokia now is spending lots of money on marketing everyday while income produced by Lumia phone just accounts for small proportion. If Lumia phone fails, you never know Nokia still have second chance to come back.

All right, If Nokia succeeds in the end just like Motorola, and does it have the risk of being purchased?

CEO of Nokia, Steven Elop said many times in public place that Nokia will always operate independently. Considering his special relationship with Microsoft, it’s normal for us to doubt that.

Still, another key point is that Microsoft now controlls windows phone os completely, Nokia has priority and right even to customize the latest os, but Nokia won't form its own ecosystem since Elop gave up Symbian and Meego. At most, Nokia is just one of makers. Anyway, don't forget that Microsoft has the plan to form a complete ecosystem with Microsoft-branded phone and windows phone os. And what Microsoft need now is a phone maker like Nokia. Nobody will doubt Microsoft's ability to buy a company like Nokia.

Maybe you have noticed that Meego dropped by Nokia recently revive and seemly the new Meego called Sailfish get good response. For Nokia, the year of 2013 is a key period, at that time we can get the answer.

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