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Cotulla, core member of DFT give us exciting news again. Wp8 successfully runs on the legendary phone HTC HD2. what a pity that we just see some screenshots of HD2 with wp8 Cotulla show us.

From screenshots and words written with Base64 code by Cotulla, we can see that wp8 on HD2 is boot by MAGLDR, but now the fact is that wp8 is just can be boot on HD2. Phone, camera and Bluetooth still can’t work, which is caused by incompatible drivers, as we know, wp8 uses standard NT drivers which won’t happen on wp7. Have to say, HTC HD2 is a very promising device, well, even now wp8 can run on HD2, maybe we can expect sailfish, webos or bb10 on HTC HD2.So,What do you think?

via cnbeta

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