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Looks like the new Windows Phone 8 is being advertised in every light by everyone. In the newest ad by Radio Shack and AT&T we get a look at the black Nokia Lumia 920 being used by a teenage girl as she speeds text her way through a text conversation. We hear that satisfying sound effect as she types away with a noise that to this day brings me great joy. Take a Look:

Video Description:
She got crazy speed for her crazy phone skills at RadioShack this Holiday. The Windows Phone 8 – Nokia Lumia 920 at RadioShack is perfect for your crazy phone skills. Shop in store or online: http://shack.net/w4SQ0r

The Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T is only $79.99 on contract at Radio Shack, so for those that don’t have theirs yet, jump in the waters fine!

Source: YouTube

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