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Days ago, Nokia posted a job of engineer linked to Linux. What we can make sure is that android, one of hottest platforms,is based on Linux. Maybe for not so much confidence on Nokia’s windows phone or Nokia’s fans prefer Nokia android devices, Rumors has come out that Nokia would shifts to android devices. Anyway, Doug Dawson, Media Relations Manager, clarified the fact that their posted jobs is linked to Here Maps supporting other platforms, including ios and android.

Actually, do you still remember that Nokia said they had plan B? Yeah,if windows phone fails, they still have other platforms to chose. Seemly, people would rather buy Nokia's android devices. But there is another platform also based on Linux linked more closely to Nokia. That's Meego, now you can call it Sailfish. And from what we saw before, Sailfish is a potential platform. Moreover, Nokia ever launched Nokia N9 which is also a popular phone in the market. What the plan B is, we still have to wait and see whether windows phone can bring Nokia completely back to life.


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