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We finally have latest news of Nokia Lumia 920 in China. Nokia Lumia 920t, China Mobile customized version of Lumia 920 which has same figures with Lumia 920 besides that the Nokia Lumia 920t supports TD-SCDMA (3G) and TD-LTE (4G), even faster CPU and better GPU but based on rumors. We know that on Dec 5th, Nokia and China Mobile will launch the Lumia 920, while rumor says Suning will sell Lumia 920 but not Lumia 920t. And from staff in the Suning, the pre-order price of Lumia 920 would be 4499 RMB. Have to say, if that is true, the price isn’t very high as a flagship phone for Chinese market actually. But China is very important for Nokia. Whether Nokia will open Chinese market again by Lumia phones, let’s wait and see.

Source: weibo.com/zjphone

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