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A recent survey shows that pre-order quantity of Lumia 920 has reached 2.5 million, which is a considerable number for Nokia. Although it’s nothing compared with Galaxy S3 and Iphone5, Nokia just sold out 2.9 millions Lumia phone in the last season. So the sales of Lumia 920 isn't bad either.

According to the survey, Nokia Lumia 920 has sold out in countries like USA, Germany and Australia. And in Amazon, the cyan and yellow version are also out of stock. Undoubtedly, Lumia 920 is one of most popular phone.

Just as usual, before the survey was released, the Wall Street bought bulk, and the amount of increase of Nokia stock was up to 30 percent. Apparently, unique features make Lumia 920 popular.Last Thursday, Nokia Chief Design Director Marko Ahtisaari showed us a video in Youtube that he explained process of Lumia 920 designing and how to make this big phone stand out.

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