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When people feel excited about wireless charging on Lumia 920, while Apple’s Senior VP Phil Schiller sees no need for wireless charging. Because he thinks that wireless charging on Lumia 920 isn’t really convenient. But now Apple files its patent application of wireless charging by near field magnetic resonance. Let’s just make it simple. That patent means that your apple devices can be wirelessly charged within a meter’s range. It’s really wireless and no physical touching between devices and power happens any more.

Well, for Lumia 920, users have to put the phone at charging pad or something like that. As you can see, Apple’s wireless charging is more exciting than Nokia’s. Since you don’t have to do that, even you can move the phone within a meter’s range. If Apple’s wireless charging becomes mature, then it must be advanced and convenient than Nokia’s wireless charging.

Anyway, I feel a little bit worried about that. If Apple gets that patent successfully, phone makers like HTC or Sony or others have to pay this if they want to use that wireless technology which I may call it common technology. And in the end, we phone users have to pay more. Have to say, Apple always like keep filing patents.

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