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First he mentions Bing Maps which couldn’t give user correct geographic location information. He takes KFC as example. Actually there are no KFC in No.5 and No.6. And KFC in No.6 are blocks away from him. Second question he mentions is the Wallet. He said that it’s a good function in USA but not in other countries.
Third place makes him feel unsatisfied is the Google apps integration.
Forth is the Foints in IE10. He said about fonts display in IE10. When zooms in on the screen, main words in article are magnified but not words in the ads, which makes it a little bit wired.
The fifth is the software upgrade. He takes Flixster as example. When he opens it, the black zone on top of screen isn’t fixed.
The last question is about Tidbits. For example, time which should be displayed in the upper right of screen but disappear when user open an app. Anyway, different users have their different views. What do you think of wp8?

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