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Troll Wars Troll Wars
A very long time ago in the far north, a witch did something unpleasant to a troll and, before they knew it, they were at war…

Troll Wars by Hugo Games is a free online combat strategy game on the Windows Phone Store.


Choose your enemy: trolls or witches!
- Build and upgrade your village and turn it into an impenetrable fortress
- Battle against other players worldwide and claim their Relics for your own.
- Join forces with other players to form powerful Alliances or create your own.
- Join forces with your allies in Cooperative battles and confront powerful enemies that you would never be able to face alone.
- Collect daily Battle Cards and gain an extra advantage.
- Assemble your army of over 10 unique Warriors with multiple levels of upgrades.
- Enlist additional Mercenaries and Bannermen to champion your cause.
- Defend your village with cannons, archer towers, mortars, bombs, traps and walls.
- Fight against the enemy in Single Player campaigns to claim new lands and gain new allies for your cause.

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