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Currently, most smartphones are waked up by physical power button including iPhone 5. It is hard to say whether waking up screen by gesture is the trend of future. But it looks cool and different with most phones. Anyway, just let’s check out some phones that don’t have to be waked up by physical power button.

Undoubtedly, BB10 is one of the anticipated operating systems. Old Blackberry OS has been given up by many users, but the brand new Blackberry gives us many surprises. And one of them is gesture. If you want to wake up the screen, you just slide upward from the gesture zone. One of advantages is that there is no physical button on the front of phone, which makes phone more concise in design. Let alone that blackberry flow exists everywhere in the BB10.

Actually, Sailfish is not a stranger for us. It’s based on Meego. Sailfish is mainly featured by gesture. One of coolest things you can do on Sailfish phone is that you don’t have to press the physical power button to wake up the screen and all you need is double click on the screen. And Meego is an outstanding system, but Nokia N9 is just the only phone device of Meego system. At least, Sailfish inherits the biggest advantage from Meego.

Meizu MX2 is based on Android platform, but we see its innovation. MX2 is applied with a visual home button instead of physical button. And one of attractive functions is to wake up the screen by double click on the visual home button. Besides that, the visual home button is also used to call out background programs. Actually, I admire Meizu’s courage to reform, because I have seen so many duplicates of Android phones.

From the way to wake up the phone, actually we can see a little about the future of smart phone. I don’t know whether gesture can be used more ergonomically. However, we have seen some phone makers are heading for it. But what I can make sure is that if iPhone use gesture, more phone makers will use it. What do you say of the trend then?

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