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Here is a concept showing us a concept for a Nokia Windows Phone dubbed the Lumia 950.

The above design is the Nokia Lumia 950 concept, created by Industrial Design student, Zelig Fok.

The top and bottom change colour and can light up for notifications. Neat! No need to worry about having a yellow/green/cyan etc phone. The colour is clear when off.

The back has a sliding lens cover to help avoid camera lens smudging that can render even the likes of N8/808 pictures poor.

The whole glass is wrap around, so no visible or palpable bezel anywhere.

Specs So far:

- Windows Phone 8 device, Haven’t decided on the internal specs
- Curved Gorilla Glass wrapped all around the phone for a no-bezel effect
- Ends of each phone made up of translucent plastic and will glow according to the theme color chosen in WP8. This can also be used as for notifications when the phone is in sleep: each end can glow according to a user-designated color (as illustrated in the blue highlighted bottom right sketch)
- I brought back the sliding lens cap from the N97s and back. Camera is the same pureview camera in the 808.
- Wireless charging of course, but still has the optional micro USB like the 920.
- Hope you guys like it and it would be awesome to be featured on your blog.

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