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At Nokia store in Shanghai, the company has proven once again why its back in the market, and why its not going anywhere soon. While the first batch of devices were only available in black, white and red they seemed to have no problem pairing up with willing buyers at the time.

Knowing that the Nokia Lumia 920 has been successful in its launch with its short supply will only prompt buyers to want it even more. As one user commented, “With the compiling reports from all parts of the world, its nice getting a point of view that doesn’t revolve around the North American market”.

That brings up the valid point that, what the U.S.A. seeming loathes at the moment(windows phone)China absolutely loves! It brings me such joy to see the devices well received in a potentially bigger market than the U.S and I’m sure the stock market will reflect the same on Monday. The rest of the U.S will get its act together soon enough.

Source: NokiaPowerUser ithome.com
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