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In Jan 2013, RIM will launch its BlackBerry 10 devices officially. And undoubtedly they will meet a tough rival, neither Android nor iOS, but Windows Phone. In a certain degree, both RIM and Microsoft miss the best opportunity to enter the mobile internet.
At present, RIM has 4.7% market share which is higher than 3.6% of Windows Phone. But some analysts think that market share of Windows Phone will exceed 11%,becoming the third largest mobile OS in 2016. Apparently Windows Phone and BB10 both have their features. But the question is how they can attract more users?

Sales and Market Share
Microsoft had spent lots of money on publicity of Windows Phone, its sales is still satisfying actually. Statistics from Gartner shows that shipment of Windows Phone in Q3 of 2013 is 4 million including 2.9 million form Nokia Lumia phones. And its market share now is just 2.4%.
While statistics from RIM Q3 earnings shows that shipment of Blackberry phone is 6.9 million including 255 thousand PlayBook, and its market share is 5.3%. Shipment and market share of BlackBerry both go down, but they are still higher than Windows Phone. Actually, it’s normal for research institutions to lower shipment estimates of BlackBerry recently since more users are expecting new BlackBerry 10 products after 30th Jan 2013.

In Windows Phone 8 launch event, Joe Belfiore announced that apps in Windows Phone Marketplace has exceeded 120 thousand, and the speed increase is relatively ordinary, but for Microsoft, they have a advantage on financial power. Recent, Microsoft encourages developers to develop apps on Windows Phone platform by direct bonus from 20 thousand to 70 thousand Euro. And for RIM, it’s still urgent for them to make through financial difficulty first. But when bb10 is announced, there will be more than 70 thousand apps in the store which is also a great number for a new OS. Besides, bb10 can run Android apps by simple conversion, which can help bb10 gain more apps in the short term.

Enterprise Positioning
Highly information security is one of biggest features and advantages of BlackBerry 10, and signs indicate that enterprise and government are still interested in BlackBerry 10. Work and Life can be separated is the great feature called BlackBerry Balance in BlackBerry 10. Although a report from Forrester Research show that 10% information workers will choose Windows Phone while 7% for BlackBerry. But have to say, RIM is stronger than Microsoft in the field of enterprise and government.

And from BlackBerry 10 system, we could see new features like BlackBerry Hub and Time shift, and its browser is the king of speed.
2013 will be the year of competition for the third position of market between RIM and Microsoft. If Windows Phone can’t win over BlackBerry 10 in the short term after BlackBerry 10 devices hit the market, then we have reasons to believe that Microsoft may lose in field of mobile internet.
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