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Although Windows Phone 8 is not so different and amazing to attract Android and iPhone users, many still believe that WP8 will succeed. And what WP8 have to succeed?

Ecosystem and applications are first reasons which Microsoft also highlights. There are always people criticizing that WP8 has not enough apps, which can be overcame by compatibility of Windows Phone with PC, laptop and tablet for some people’s eyes. While some people held idea that iOS ecosystem is so good, and Android ecosystem is also excellent, since Apple and Google spent much time and energy to develop. Ever, Google apps store was a joke but it got success finally. So, WP8 will succeed but it just needs time.
Another convincing reason for WP8 to succeed is the business apps. If Microsoft take advantages of experience on enterprise and work hard, WP8 will succeed. Windows Phone 8 is more suitable for professionals. And also WP8 has potentials to be compatible with several business technologies, which gives WP8 another chance to succeed.

Windows Phone 8 is not so fantastic to attract users from other platforms. But WP8 is good in aspects of software and hardware. In some fields, WP8 is better than iOS and Android. In the top 50 most popular apps on iOS and Android devices, 46 are wp8 apps. Wp8 may not so flexible as Android, but it’s flexible enough for most users who want personalization. WP8 will give users another choice, which is another key point for WP8 to succeed.
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