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Technology website WP7forum.ru interviewed with Eugene Gavrilov, head of design integration for Windows Phone, who joined Microsoft when mobile platform was restarted. He revealed some interesting details.
Gavrilov said that WP8 is something they want to release 3 years ago, but it didn’t come true because of limited factors. So, they adopt a more limited way to develop by suggestions and test from users.
Talking about support for size adjustment of live tile on start screen, he said adjustable live tile is always one of WP planned features. But again it didn’t come out because of technological limit.
He even directly said WP7 is the version where they test all ideas. Gavrilov explained that next version of Windows Phone OS has been designed actually when a version was released. That’s why designers have to work 6 months or 1 year early.
He also said Microsoft value every recommendation from users. All suggestion would be collected, assessed technologically.
In the end, he said that WP7.8 may be the last version. But it depends on feedbacks from Indian, Russian and China.

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