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No.1 Windows Phone 8

The release of Windows Phone 8 is absolutely No.1 event on the top. Actually, Windows Phone 8 is just the system that competes with Android and iOS platform. Windows Phone 8 gets lots of updates and improvements including hardware, browser, apps, NFC and business support.

No.2 Nokia Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8 is an excellent platform. But an outstanding platform can’t gain market share without an excellent hardware. Since Nokia Lumia 920 was released, users begin to put more focus on Windows Phone. And it is because of Nokia Lumia 920 that Windows Phone 8 could attract users’ eyes.

No.3 WP8 SDK Final Version was Released

Releasing of final version of Windows Phone 8.0 SDK means that development of Windows Phone 8 enters a new period. Microsoft can persuade more developers to develop apps on Windows Phone. And it’s one of urgent things that Microsoft does, because apps in Windows Phone is so less than Android and iOS.

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